Please Don't Litter

We had a pretty nasty incident at a neighbor's house this morning. Tess lives down the street from the farm, and she keeps rescue dogs. Mostly these are abused or stray dogs that others won't take in. This morning, two stray dogs (one a rottweiler) wandered up to her house to eat her chickens. Before she knew what was happening three of her dogs were out the door to protect their territory.

It wasn't the strays fault or Tess's dogs fault. They were all just acting on instinct, but the outcome was predictable and terrible. Tess's dogs were pretty badly injured and needed to be rushed to the vet. The stray was also torn up, and because of this as well as the displayed aggression, it was shot.

Strays are truly a problem all over the country, but especially here. It is one thing if you do not wanted to spay or neuter your pet, but then it is your responsibility to keep track it and not allow unwanted pregnancies. This is a responsibility many pet owners neglect. It is not your right to allow your unfixed dog or cat run wild, procreating as it feels fit.

So while I do not blame the dogs involved in this fight, I do blame all those who do not spay or neuter and then allow their animals to roam.

all images on this post from http://www.squidoo.com/free_animal_clipart