Mission Statement

In the last decades, the sport of eventing has changed drastically. As a result, the modern day event horse has also changed. We've seen breeders increase the amount of warmblood in the event horse, but we've also seen the struggle to get these types of horses competing in the three and four star level and be competitive world wide. While these warmblood horses have the movement and the jump, many do not have the stamina for the cross country, even in its shortened format. At the same time, we've seen more money come to the sport, and with this money more and more people going to Europe to look for their upper level horses. There is a need for US bred upper level event horses.

Of the top finishing horses in the last World Equestrian Games, only three have less than sixty percent thoroughbred.1 Similar is true of the top horses in other high profile events throughout the world. We believe that the right horse is combination of warmblood and thoroughbred, power and stamina, movement, gallop, jump, and work ethic.

We've selected three foundation broodmares to start our program. All come from strong thoroughbred racing lines. While we are not in the business of racing, we believe that a strong gallop is important for the modern event horse because you run and jump from the gallop. Furthermore, we can all appreciate a great athlete. It is not a surprise that these great racehorses share common ancestry with some of the most successful international event horses competing at the highest levels.

The stallions are picked to compliment our mares based on their confirmation, pedigree, temperament, and performance. We look for registered warm bloods with some thoroughbred lineage so that our babies maintain a large amount of 'blood'.

We are really looking forward to the exciting young horses to come.