Baby's First Blanket

Today was an exciting day out at Redbud Farm! Baby's First Blankets! Many thanks to Reagan Bugg and Sara Pettey Sandifer for the extra hands!
I know to many people this is a boring, known entity, but to the babies at Redbud, this was one heck of a day! To all the other professional horse owners out there, you know what I'm talking about...our horses get the back burner on education. They're the last to be ridden, last to be worked with, and first to be put off to another day. Client's horses...different story.
Just last week, it was 70 degrees...suddenly the low is 25...all I'm saying is "What the heck!!??" Okay, so time to learn to blanket...
Thankfully, I had good help (props to Reagan and SP) and good babies! Harrison (seen at right) and Collins were both quite well behaved.
Working with the young horses is always exciting- I think of my hopes for them-my dreams for them. I want them to be good, useful horses. I want them to be loved. I am thankful to have nice horses and good people in my life and look forward to the future!