The Party Never Ends!

I've been thinking of ways to sum up our season, and I think this photo pretty much tells the story!
This season we've run 16 events in five months. We've had our first student compete in a CIC* and our first student campaigning for a national title. Kudos go out to Stephanie Aanstoos for finishing 5th in the Poplar Place CIC* aboard West Point, and also to Megill Imes for her many wins this season with her horses Claggan Imp and Coker Springs.
We're also so proud of our hunter transplant, Reagan Bugg, and her former short stirrup pony, Bulletproof, for joining the Redbud Farm Event Team. They finished 7th at Poplar Place Farm Horse Trials and are sure to continue on this Spring!
So, to the man with the trailer, you're right: The road goes on forever and the party never ends! I can't wait to see where the spring season takes us! Bon voyage!