Redbud's 2011 Recap

We have been a delinquent in our website duties this winter. Everyone at Redbud Farm, equine and human alike, has been enjoying a well deserved vacation. However, it is now well into February and unfortunately, vacations cannot last forever!

2011 was an exciting year for us all. We had some high highs and some very low lows. We are hoping that we have expended all our low moments so we will not dwell on them here. Instead, let's focus on all the wonderful things that happened at Redbud in 2011 because they were many!

We got rid of our old crumby trailer with tire and axel problems and got a big, fancy ride!

We got siding on the hay barn, at least the front which according to Bill is all that matters.

The barn apartment was finally finished.

We got two great sponsors: Rocking WH Ranch and Equine Lite Mat!

Claire had her first baby on April 15.

Elliot ran his first Preliminary.

Stephanie Aanstoos was our first student to complete a CIC*, and we are so proud of her for moving up from Novice to the one star in a single year!

And last but certainly not least, after a long hard fought season, Megill Imes won the USEA's Junior Novice division or year end points!

Lets hope 2012 brings as many milestones and excitement, of the good kind of course. We can do without the sad parts!