Day 1

Jessie came out this morning early and stuffed that terrible tasting paste in my mouth and said 'that make your tummy feel better'. All I could think was 'You eat it mom. See if it makes your tummy feel better'. And then she interrupted my breakfast to ride. I was a little peeved about that, but I decided to play nice since she's got thumbs.

No good dead goes unpunished. My reward for cooperation was a cold shower, which I was also not particularly please about.

After the shower, Jessie let me loose in the courtyard. Still no breakfast. It was in my stall, so I just let myself in at which point Jessie came and got me again. Honestly! I was starved!

At least this time she brought breakfast with her and let me eat in peace (except for toweling my legs and belly which tickled).

Then she wrapped my legs and put me on the magic box. Heidi was already on there - I heard she had a hard time backing up into the slot. Rookie. She should be happy. We got the BIG slots today.

We stood on the magic box for ages and ages. Then we got off in this new place with many rows of stalls. The floors were asphalt. Thanks heavens Betsy brought me mats. And we got to eat again. My favorite part!