River Glen and Beyond!

There's no other way to start this entry, except to say things are going great! Our competition horses are preforming well, the young horses are coming into their own, the horses in training are progressing and our students are learning in leaps and bounds! We are lucky!
We spent the past weekend at River Glen Horse Trials in New Market, Tennessee. All of our horses were so wonderful! Elliot was fifth in the OP division! (His first Prelim after colic surgery, thanks Dr. Cate Mochal!) So cool to see him competing after such an involved surgery! The young horses were brave and brought their game faces to the table and our students all came home without jump penalties. Rockstars!
Recently I've been teaching more children and I must admit, I'm loving it. Seeing the kids come out and trot the first time, or realize that they can jump, too. The look in their eyes is priceless. The moment we realize that a special horse opens the door to a whole new world for us...nothing compares. And only other horse people will truly understand. We love our horses, young or old, not only because of what they do for us, but because of who we are and who we can become with them.
The kids we teach often bring out pictures, art projects, and letters for the horses they ride. Truth be told, a lot of them ride Tucker, my former one star horse. I think of the things Tucker has done for me, and the place he has in my heart, and I feel thankful. I think of the things Tucker is teaching others now, and feel equally thankful. He's taught my students to ride at the one star level, training level, some how to trot and some how to canter...and it's cool. He gets pictures and treats, letters and hugs like no other horse in the barn. 
Every horse deserves to have someone to love him, but how lucky is Tucker to have so many to love him?