the 'off season'

The competition season has become a little nutty in the past few years. When I was a kid, I feel like there was more down time for horses. Maybe it was only because I grew up in New England where the competition season is cut pretty short due to long winters. But then again, these days you can go to an event pretty much any time of year if you're willing to travel. As a result, we find ourselves with some subset of horses at some sort of competition throughout most of the year.

December, however, is quiet. It is our off season. For this month Betsy and I take it easy.

This year we have been playing. Playing with some old horses, some new horses, the baby horses, and also little kids.

I discovered riding Elliot bareback was way more fun than I expected.

Sara Pettey broke her first baby horse, and she was awesome!

This inspired us to put a saddle on Sara Pettey's baby horse, Rizzo (bred by Meredith Michelfelder, Midway Farms), who is a half sister to my 2* mare Heidi (aka Calysta MWF owned and bred by Meredith Michelfelder, Midway Farms).

We took Collins for her first trip off the property. Not even one tantrum!

And we taught some CUTE kids!

Now we're getting ready to go to Florida, where the real work will begin... Bring on 2015.