Make Your Own Inspiration

The event season has wrapped up. Awards have been given. The big horses have been on vacation since their last major event. For all intents and purposes, this is our quiet time of the year. Where do you find inspiration?
I can't tell you where you'll find your inspiration, but I've gotten a pretty good bit of it here at the United States Eventing Association's Annual meeting.

The first day Jessie and I spent at the Richard Jeffery Show Jumping design workshop. We learned about building courses, and how to use different jumps within a course. It gave us lots of ideas about how to school our students and horses, from beginner novice all the way up. Richard is a great show jump designer and a great teacher, as well. The morning session we worked here at the hotel and then we went to Gold Chip Stables to practice setting courses and having horses and riders jump around.

The next day, we spent the morning in the USEA Technical Committee Open Forum listening to rule proposals and changes, studying the technical aspect of our sport. After that meeting we headed over to the Professional Horseman's Council where we got a real treat! We got to meet Jeffray Ryding, who was Aly's breeder! So funny that this world is so small. We also attending the course building on a budget seminar, which was also full of good ideas.

Today, we went to a nutrition seminar, followed by some PR meetings with Frankie Thieriot. I majored in Public Relations and Journalism in college, and I feel like I just got continuing education! These tools are so important to us and riders and trainers!

The day ended with the USEA Intercollegiate Program Jumpstart. I have a very good feeling about this program. I think it will allow college students to ride, train, learn to judge, be a course designer, etc. The USEA is so open to having young people come up the ranks and through the programs, not only in riding, but in the technical aspect as well. As eventers, we are so fortunate to have such an amazing group of people behind us, supporting us, and urging us forward.

This is just the first part, now we're on to more! There is inspiration everywhere, we have to be curious enough to find it!