dressage with Jane

Redbud Farm is very very lucky to have some wonderful friends. Jane Manfredi is one of the best!

Jane's riding and academic resumes are very impressive. She has ridden successfully in Dressage through the Grand Prix level and received accolades such as her USDF Gold Medal at Grand Prix. She has been all over the country doing veterinary study and research, including MSU very school where she met Betsy. If a BA,MS, and a DVM wasn't enough, Jane is currently pursuing a PhD at University of Michigan. She's very bright, very interesting, and lots of fun!

We were very luck to have Jane down this past weekend. It's great to be able to pick her brain about the cutting edge veterinary research and also about dressage! She helped us with some of the young horses (since Elliot and Heidi are still on some downtime after their three days and Kipling is still getting fit). Some of our students were also lucky enough to learn from such a knowledgeable source!

We hope she will come back down soon!

Ray played dressage horse. He's not sure he liked it, but tried awful hard.

Megill rode Warren for the first time and did a great job! Canter transitions were a bit tricky, but improved through the lesson

James went in The Equiband System. It helped his trot immensely! Ours is in the mail.