better safe

All the competition horses, except Elliot, were entered this weekend at Rocking Horse III. After discussing it long and hard and weighing the options, we decided to scratch all the horses from the event in order to prevent any possible exposure to the EHV-1 virus that has broken out at HITS Ocala.

It is disappointing to scratch because the horses were finally truly settling into work after their winter break. However, it is only another event and not worth their health, the health of any horses we're stabled with here, or the health of any horses at home.

All of our horses are healthy. No one is exhibiting any symptoms of the virus (neurological or otherwise) and all temperatures are normal. We have not been to HITS and our horse have not been in exposed to anything that might have come in contact with the virus for the full incubation period. We have taken a load of horses home this weekend so that if the Florida border does close, we have fewer horses stranded here.