Small Acts of Kindness

As you all know by now, there was a terrible tragedy in Newtown, CT today that left, at last count, 27 dead, many of them children. The alleged gunman not much older than a child himself.
I think of all the pain caused today...the families who lost someone, friends who lost someone, students who lost role models, spouses who lost their loved ones, and a community who lost the sense of everything it believed to be true and good. And it makes my heart ache. I know it makes all of our hearts ache.
I've heard a lot of talk today about fixing the problem...tighter gun control, school security and better mental heath care and support. While all of these things are so important, I also must paraphrase a movie I saw tonight. I saw The Hobbit, and in the movie, Gandalf describes the way to fight evil as little bits of kindness and courage in everyday life.
Gun laws take time and money, ditto of school security and mental health care. A small act of kindness? I think we can all fit that into our schedules immediately. I truly believe that if we fight evil with good and kindness we can impact the world now. Tomorrow I will honor the lives lost in this tragedy by helping someone else.
Today, find a way to change the world for the better. I believe that people are a good and kind animal. Let's all continue to steer our ship in the direction we wish to sail.