divide and conquer

This week, Redbud was supposed to divide and conquer. Elliot was headed north for the VHT CCI* while Tucker and Ollie headed south for the Rocking Horse Classic T3D.

Sadly, Elliot seems to have caught a cold and started cough over the weekend. We kept hoping it would clear up since he had neither a snotty nose or a temp, but it did not so we made the decision to keep him home to recover. There would be nothing worse than getting to the three day with a horse that was not fit and well. Not only is there the chance of pneumonia from shipping 12+ hours, but it also just wouldn't be fair to run him while he's feeling under the weather. That said, it's too bad his season ended at Kentucky. It would have been nice to get a CCI under our belt before the winter, but I'm happy with the decision. He ran around the huge Kentucky XC fast and brave, and now we have the winter to work on show jumping! He is such an exciting horse. It would be a shame to push it too hard when he still has his whole career ahead of him.

Betsy, Sara-Pettey, and Megill all headed off as planned to Florida. We're wishing them all lots of luck at the T3D while we man the fort at home!