Day 6

Mom and Betsy were out so early. It wasn't even light. We got braided again and they looked me over very carefully and made me trot a bunch. It was silly. I felt fine. We ran up and down the road again and I guess the liked me again.

Then we went to the show jumping. Mom seemed nervous even though I thought we had it cause the warm up went really well. We jumped the first four fences easily and then all of a sudden mom was on the ground! This has never happened before. When she got up, we left the arena. She put me in real deep to this giant oxer so I just jumped out over it and she flew off... She seemed no worse for wear though and she still seemed pretty happy with me. Lots of treats and hugs. I heard something about Virginia. Maybe there will be another outing?

Mom turned me out for a while which was such a relief. It was nice not to be in a stall. The weather was perfect. Mom even took a little nap outside the round pen. She's a little weird, but she's what I got, and despite our mishap today, we make a pretty great team.