always my Plus One

Most of you have heard by now, that we had to euthanize Addie, our four year old off the track, because she was presenting some very alarming neurological behavior.

Thinking back on her time with us, we can discern subtle neurological symptoms, but we chalked it up to being young, weak, very recently off the track, sore, or some combination thereof. On Thursday October 20, Addie was undeniably not right, and we scheduled an appointment with the MSU Vet School for a neuro exam. Unfortunately, over the weekend Addie's condition rapidly deteriorated. By Sunday she was having trouble holding her balance without the help of the stall walls. The decision was clear, though made with heavy hearts. It was the only fair and right thing to do for this young, sweet horse, and I take comfort knowing she lay down all on her own and went to sleep surrounded by love and being patted.

First, let me say that all her test results came back negative. She did not have West Nile, EPM, or Neurological Herpes. It would have been nice for some definitive cause of her symptoms, but it is certainly a relief that it was not something contagious.

In the absence of closure, we shall just have to remember the wonderful Addie. She tried very hard to do as you asked and she was never naughty, though now we realize how much she struggled physically. She was very kind. Kinder than I ever imagined, and we were very lucky to have had her in our lives even if for just a short time. I wish I had a good pictures of her, but I do not, and then a picture would not really do her justice anyway. She was lovely. The kind of lovely that went beyond just being a beautiful horse.

She is buried in the back of our field next to the gate out to her paddock below a sea of daffodils. A week ago I tried to write this, and it became very long and mostly cathartic. Now my head is a little clearer (so it is shorter and little less cathartic). I know Addie is in a better place without pain or confusion, and now it is just time for the hurt in our hearts to heal.