The highs and lows at a Full Gallop

Betsy and Megill went off to Full Gallop this past weekend. As there often are, there were some highs and also some lows.

High #1: It was the first show with our new sponsor Equine Lite Mats They were easy to install and Warren really enjoyed his cushy digs.

High #2: Warren was a champ at his first novice. He stayed calm, cool, and collected all weekend and jumped around cross county like a champ. Another Redbud x-co machine? We think yes!

High #3: Kipling's feet remained on the ground except at the appropriate times, and his shoes remained on his feet. James Luttrell, you are our hero! This was all especially reassuring as AECs approaches. Perhaps he is finally settling in after a sort of rocky return to the eventing scene? Fingers crossed...

High #4: The best part of the weekend, however, was that the trailer made it there and back again with not flat tires! Thanks Gateway Tire for sticking with us!

Image: George Stojkovic / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Low #1: We managed to escape any ill effects of Irene, except for one little black cloud that followed Ollie... He went out of the box on fire, and then caught a glimpse of Count Dracula in the woods and thought he should really put on the speed. Unfortunately, Megill did not get the memo and 'plop', popped right off. Everyone walked away from it unscathed except Megill's pride, which was a little black and blue.
Even though the low was a big one, the highs definitely won out so we count the weekend as a big success!