Dressage-Tucker Style!

Oh Tucker...if I had a dollar for every silly moment you had in the dressage ring today....well, I would have my fancy horse and you could retire! But alas, on to cross-country tomorrow where you will have your time to shine!
There is nothing quite like seeing your student and your horse coming down centerline, entering their test, only to spin and attempt to exit, stage right, at X. I would like to say Tucker regained composure, pulled himself together, and with his big boy pants on, put together a three-beat canter. This is not what happened.
What happened (as anyone can tell you who has seen Tucker's dressage can tell you) was a survival story good enough for any reality program. Stephanie did a beautiful job salvaging the test and keeping him in the ring. Oh Tucker, we live for tomorrow.
And tomorrow we also show Dexter, Emma, Ollie and Kipling! Beautiful weather and good horses...what more can we ask for?